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Dear Plantscaper,

I’m going to do something I swore I wouldn’t do. This might mean something very valuable for you.

You may know me or of me as a result of my 30 plus years in the interior plantscape industry. During that time I’ve won awards and given awards; built businesses and sold businesses; lost millions and made millions. I’ve also been awarded patents, done numerous keynote speeches and been published countless times. When I reflect on my earlier years I have only one regret…

If I only knew then what I know now.

If I knew then what I know now, I’m sure I would have done at least 10 things differently: 

  1. I would have gotten twice as much done in half the time.
    (It’s not as hard as you think)
  2. I would have made far more profit and incurred much less expense on every business transaction.
    (It takes a simple process)
  3. I would have avoided costly hiring mistakes.
    (It only takes 3 questions)
  4. I would have tripled my holiday revenue.
    (It took 20 years to stumble on the secret) 
  5. I would have avoided being manipulated by clients.
    (I don’t get burned anymore)
  6. I would have let my systems work hard so I wouldn’t have to.
    (It’s a secret weapon) 
  7. I would have gotten better legal advice.
    (I know what “better” is now)
  8. I would have been able to retire at age 45.
    (I found the formula)
  9. I would have legally paid less taxes
    (I went from stupid to smart in 15 minutes with this one)
  10. My greatest regret – I would have found a way to mentor and help all the plantscapers who called me every week asking for advice.
    (We’re all in this together – alone)

Turning My Pain Into Your Gain

Well I can’t turn back the clock, but I can turn my own thinking around. And this is exactly why I went to work on my greatest regret. In doing so, I’ve finally found a way to help all the plantscapers who want me as their mentor.

When I was figuring out how to do this I had three main concerns / considerations:

First – I knew it had to be economical both for you and myself. After all, not every plantscaper can afford my daily $1200.00 a day consulting rate and frankly I don’t have the time, energy or desire to travel to more than a few more consulting clients. There are a lot of hidden costs to me every time I leave town.

Second – It had to be profitable for both you and myself. My philosophy is if the people you do business with don’t add measurable value in terms of increasing your profits, decreasing your expenses or saving you time – you shouldn’t do business with them. So if I can help you make a dollar or save a dollar, and I charge less than a dollar – that’s great business for both of us.

Third – It had to be time efficient for you and myself. There’s nothing worse than wasted time. I know every minute wasted keeps you from doing the things you enjoy. So anything I put together has to be CONVENIENT and EASY TO APPLY. And some of the most efficient time saving tools are, the telephone, email and the Internet. I took all of the above considerations into account and created what I call my InnerCircle program.

It’s simply the best way I know for Plantscapers to profit from my proven strategies, expertise, contacts, knowledge and priceless experience in the Interior Planstscape industry. Here’s what you get as a Barb Helfman’s InnerCircle Member:


Each issue is at least 8 packaged pages, usually more. It’s sent to you each month via e-mail in PDF format which means it’s more than a newsletter – it’s an interactive experience.


PDF Documents let you:

  • Go deeper on topics of interest to you. You’ll notice hyperlinks galore. Which means at the click of a button you can see real life examples, conduct instant research on topics of interest and print out forms and additional websites of interest.
  • As a InnerCircle Member you have a license to use all the forms, systems and marketing materials. You can print them out, copy, cut and paste them into your computer or enhance them to make them your own.
  • Print the newsletter – of course the PDF is formatted for perfect printing so it’s easy to read a hard copy if you desire.
  • You have access to instant archived copies. So if you lose a copy you’ll always know where to find it.

Each NEWSLETTER issue Has Powerful and ACTIONABLE Information

There are almost always advertising or sales letter “makeovers,” terrific examples of “what works,” timely marketing news, trends, ongoing teaching of important profit building strategies, a provocative and occasionally even entertaining conversation with me….. and more.

We cover every imaginable marketing and moneymaking tool, from the lowly Val-Pak type coupon or dirt cheap postcard, to the Internet, advertorials, sales letters, search engines, trade shows, blogs and brochures. It goes on and on…

Most issues also contain Q&A’s with subscribers, a guest expert’s article on a specific plantscaping success strategy, and continuing updates. Look, this newsletter is LOADED! L-O-A-D-E-D with insight you just can’t find anywhere else. NEED PROOF? HERE’S JUST A COUPLE OF THE DOZENS OF REAL COMMENTS FROM PLANTSCAPERS THAT USE MY SERVICES:

“I just wanted to let you know how much your consultation helped me with my interior plantscape business. Your suggestions on time management were a valuable tool that enabled me to free up time to grow my business and increase my sales volume. The ideas you shared on pricing made putting a bid together so much faster. You helped feel confident that I was headed in the right direction with my business. Thank you for all your straight forward advice”

Cindy Lush

“You helped me focus my sales efforts to where they are needed most and to where they are most profitable. Your pricing guidelines helped me make much more profit per sale. You have easily increased my gross sales by at least 10%!
You have a great knack for putting information into a context that is directly applicable to the interior plantscaping industry. You just don’t talk about vague business concepts. Your information is directly relevant to what we do everyday”

John Kruzshak

“Barb, You are a wealth of knowledge! Our communications by phone, FAX and email have probably saved me about $30,000.00."

Carol Christian

OK – So reading the monthly newsletter is a powerful, insightful and actionable way to grow your plantscaping business. And you can always apply now or go on and read the InnerCircle FAQ’s.  But there’s more to your Inner Circle Membership.


I’ll make it easier for you to get my first hand advice with SPECIAL FREE CALL-IN TIMES. Three to four (or sometimes more) times a year, I also schedule Open Call-In Hours ONLY for Inner Circle Members, making it substantially easier and more convenient for you to have ‘one-on-one’ access to me personally.

Alan Brody of Interior Plants, Inc. credits my coaching with adding over $100,000.00 to his bank account. (Yes, that’s one hundered thousand dollars). I could cite many other, similar stories over the years. If you’re prepared with smart, specific questions, I’ll give you specific answers.

These consultations can really pay off big! (I routinely charge $125.00 an hour for telephone consulting with on-going clients!!!) Best of all, these calls are included with your Inner Circle Membership. On some calls I’ll interview the top plantscapers in the industry and give you the opportunity to hear the collective wisdom of industry veterans on what works and what doesn’t work. And if you can’t make a call don’t worry. The calls are taped and made accessible to you anytime on the Inner Circle Online Portal.


Inner Circle members can e-mail me one question a month. Go ahead let me have it. Write down you toughest challenge or you most pressing concern. I’ll send you my best advice on how to get what you need.


Sometimes business trouble strikes when you least expect it.  A client calls with a monsterous problem, employees leave, a new competitor threatens.  The InnerCircle hotline is an emergency only SOS for InnerCircle members.  It works like this.  If you call this number, I stop what I’m doing and devote all my resources to help you solve your problem.  I will try and move heaven and earth to give you a hand when you need it most. 

  • INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS’ RESTRICTED ACCESS WEBSITE: A section of the is a "members only portal". It contains past issues of the INNERCIRCLE Newsletter, articles, special news, Q &A with Inner Circle Members, even some advance “works in progress.” ONLY Inner Circle Members are given the access code for restricted area.
  • CONTINUALLY UP-DATED “KEY RESOURCE DIRECTORY,” only available to InnerCircle Members at the restricted access portal. These are power contacts and resources that I and my clients use – and in many cases, have found only after diligent and difficult searches.
  • INNER CIRCLE MEMBER ‘ONLY’ DISCOUNTS: As an Inner Circle Member you will receive “at least” a 30% discount on all Barb Helfman Seminars and Boot Camps I offer to the industry.

So that’s what you get with your InnerCircle membership.  But before I explain next steps or how to apply, I need to ask a GOOD QUESTION perhaps many of you already established plantscapers are wondering:

I’m already a succesful plantscaper. How can I benefit from joining your InnerCircle?

Answer: Ask the elite, wealthiest professionals in business and sports this question. They would tell you even at their level, they know having a coach and connecting with others committed to excellence gives them a valuable edge.

That’s why Tiger Woods still has a golf coach and the most succesful business owners hire executive coaches and consultants. Smart people know investing in a coach can provide a big competetive advantage. It’s a powerful way to stay ahead of the game. And because these people are already succesful and advanced they can magnify even the smallest insight provided by a coach into big, big dollars.

Ok, so with that said you may be wondering how this whole thing works. It’s a two step process:

STEP ONE: Fill out the application form to see if you qualify. Yes, that’s right not just anyone can join the Inner Circle. I only want to work with Plantscapers who are committed to being the best they can be. It doesn’t matter how much money or experience you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started in your business or have been in the industry for decades. The same rules apply…

I will only accept plantscapers into the InnerCircle who are committed to:

1. Growing their business.

2. Increasing their profits.

3. Working on their business instead of only in it.

4. Letting their actions speak louder than words.

If the above criteria makes you uncomfortable, no hard feelings but the InnerCircle membership just isn’t for you.

STEP TWO: If you feel the above commitment represents you and excites you, then I invite you to apply.  It’s not a long process but an important one.  After all if you become a member of the InnerCircle you want to make sure that every current and future InnerCircle member represents the same commitment to excellence as you do.

I appreciate your interest in the InnerCircle program.  And if we don’t have the chance to work together today, I hope we cross paths in the future.

To your success,

Barb Helfman

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